If Batman Lived In Chennai, This Is What Things Would Look Like

What makes Batman special? It’s the fact that Batman is like one of us. He is real, and has his own human struggles to deal with. So by that logic, anyone can be Batman, right? Well, while you were busy weighing your odds of you being Batman, we hear that the Dark Knight has been spotted in India!

Put Chutney has found the caped crusader guarding the by-lanes of Chennai. And if the Bat Signal, which sparkles in the skies of Chennai these days, is anything to go by, he is here to stay! Don’t believe us? Catch him right here:

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes will not be legal tender, says PM Modi

Delhi: Today on Tuesday 8th November 2016 evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that from midnight (9/11 India), Rs 1000 and Rs 500 would no longer be legal tender. This will surely help India to stop black money, fake currency and corruption.

India as well world welcomes this decision, with sharing this NEWS new series of joke appears on social media, here are some of them.










Congratulations Guys,

Company has finaly decided to give us 30% appraisal each.
Salaries will be distributed only in 500 and 1000 notes.

उठा उठा दीवाळी झाली
500/1000 च्या नोटा बदलायची वेळ आली ????

एक 9/11 में अमेरिका हिल गया |
दूसरे 9/11में भारत हिल गया |


All Men Are Not The Same See What This Guy Will Do

How many times have you ever hear folks saying Men will always be a Men! This humorous take on the much crushed down Indian man hopes to instill belief in the women of these days.

All Men Are Not The Same See What This Guy Will Do When a Woman Flirts with Him.

This Video shows that not all men are same.

The video was shot within the heart of city, in the relaxed setting of Bengaluru.


When you explain your startup/business plan to your dad

Explain your startup/business plan to your dad

Mauka Mauka Leaked Ad If India Had Reached The World Cup Final

World Cup 2015 – Mauka Mauka

Crazy cricket fans have crossed all heights of madness in the World Cup 2015, which is clearly apparent in the form of many Mauka Mauka ads created by cricket lovers. Though India could not reach the final, as it got defeat in semi-finals by Australia, Indians were fully assured of its victory and splendid entry in the final that’s why they have made the Mauka Mauka ad for it in advance. Though failure of Indian cricket team disappointed fans a lot and this video of India’s reaching the World Cup Final could not be made public.

But we have brought this UNSEEN video exclusively for you to watch

Neither Logical Nor Legal Deal with Professor

Neither Logical Nor Legal Deal with Professor

A student failed in law & decided to make a deal with professor.

Sir, do u know everything about law?

Prof: Yes.

Student: If u can answer dis question, i will accept my final marks, if u cant, u have to give me “A”.

Professor agreed.

Boy asked: “What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal & neither legal nor logical?”

Prof thought about it for hrs & pondered no answer.

He had to finally give up as he really did not know.

He gave the boy his “A”.

The following day, professor asked same question to his students.

He was shocked when all of them raised their hands.

He asked one student.

He answered:
Sir, u are 65, married to 28 yrs old woman, dis is legal but not logical.

Ur wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy, dis is logical but not legal.

Ur wife’s boyfriend has failed in his exam & yet u have given him an “A”, dis is neither logical nor legal.

The professor collapsed…

How to sleep in office

Many employees caught while sleeping in office here are some quick tips to know how to sleep in office

Step #1:
Find the perfect location. Peace full location where no one will notice you while sleeping.

Step #2:
Perfect Timing is everything.
“Power naps should be relatively early so it doesn’t interfere with your ability to fall asleep at bedtime,” – Dr. Neubauer

Step #3:
Have sleep props handy.
This will help you get into the sleep mindset more quickly.

Step #4:
Set an alarm clock.
Set your cell phone or another device to go off after about 15 minutes.

लक्शात ठेवा – अभ्यास केल्याने बस येत नाही

आयुष्यात एक गोष्ट नेहमी लक्शात ठेवा…

आंब्याच्या झाडाला आंबे येतात…


वडाच्या झाडाला कधीच वडे येत नाहीत

हसु नका…

लक्शात ठेवा…

एक गोष्ट

आणखिन लक्षात ठेवा…..

झोपून अभ्यास केल्याने झोप येते


बसून अभ्यास केल्याने बस येत नाही……!!
🙂 🙂 🙂

The Fifa World Cup is close by

My dear Wife,

The Fifa World Cup is close by….
Let me give you a few rules that will preserve your beauty.

1. The remote control belongs to me for the whole month.

2. Tell all your friends not to give birth or wed or die or watever during the World Cup becaues we won’t go.

3. You support the teams that I support.

4. No talking during the game, wait for half-time or end of the game.

5. Repeats & highlights are as good as the main match, so am gonna watch them…

6. We can watch STAR PLUS provided actors and actresses who are wearing soccer jerseys and are in Brazil.

7. You dont just pass infront of the TV if am watching soccer, you better crawl on the floor.

8. Make sure you don’t ask silly questions such as is this Chelsea versus England?

9. No funny faces to my friends when they come for soccer.

10. Smile everytime EXCEPT when my team is losing

11. There shall be no comments about Cristiano Ronaldo’s looks. Professinalism shall remain an absolute part of the WC.

12. If you miss the line up please dont ask, ‘who is that guy?’

13. Ronaldo the Brazilian and Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related, Tanzania and Kenya did not qualify.

Thank you,